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    Sylvia Pennington House

    As mentioned, the streets in Apalachicola once had names rather than letters and numbers. The avenues on the Hill, starting with Avenue E which was Chestnut Street, were named Cherry (F), Palmetto (G), Cypress (H), Juniper (I), Fulton (J), Monroe (K), Franklin (L), and Jefferson (M). The streets, starting with 4th which was High Street, were named Live Oak (5th), Broad (6th), Magnolia (7th), Pine (8th), Cedar (9th), Laurel (10th), Orange (11th), Locust (12th), Walnut (13th) and Hickory (14th).


    Minnie Barefield’s last will and testament, which divides her real estate between her   sister, her two brothers, and Charles Dobson, itemizes all the rest of her material wealth   and allocates it to her three siblings. Her long lists of personal and household effects include marble-topped washstands, silver sets, walnut bookcases, diamond earrings, eyeglasses, several 3-piece bedroom suites, several photographs of herself, an organ, one large refrigerator, two feather beds and a down comforter, a seven-piece parlor set, a piano, “those two nice pictures in the hall,” two glazed pedestal jardinières, a $20 gold piece, assorted jewelry and a library table. Hers was clearly not your run-of-the-mill house on the Hill at the turn of the century!

    Thanks to current owner Peter Schetter for allowing interior photographs to be taken.