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    The Piman Bouk Restaurant at 5932 NE 2nd Avenue specializes in Caribbean dishes with a focus on Haitian cuisine. Piman bouk is a type of hot pepper used in many dishes in Haiti. This iconic Haitian restaurant was founded by Nelson Voltaire, a prominent Haitian immigrant and inductee of the North Miami Citizens Hall of Fame. Voltaire is also known by the name Piman Bouk. This historic restaurant is famous for its authentic Haitian fare popular among locals as well as Miami’s tourists, who come to experience savory recipes from traditional Caribbean cooking.

    Nelson Voltaire, the man known as Piman Bouk, has built a successful business enterprise in Miami that includes this restaurant, a bakery, and a popular Creole-language radio show. As a businessman and activist, he discusses Haitian empowerment on the radio show that has been called the “CNN of Haitian Radio.”