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    Come walk our 17 acre Hammock. Take note of some inspirational quotes along the way.

    The nature trail is the best way to see inside our 17-acre hammock. Notice the small brackish water creek on the left side of the trail as well as the different varieties of plants along the pathway. Here, you'll see Wild Coffee, Sea Grape and Sable Palm as well as a host of colorful Golden Orb spiders. In summer 2017 a new trail, the Visionaries Trail, opened here. As you enjoy our hammock ecosystem, see if you can spot all the famous quotes along the trail. One of the area's most prominent naturalists, Mabel Fentress Miller, played a huge role in the restoration and preservation of plants and wildlife in Virginia Key. With her mentor, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Ms. Miller worked with the Biscayne Nature Center. In 2017 a trail was named in her honor at Virginia Key Beach North Point Park.