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  • Come relax in our secluded cove. Some of the best ocean views of the Historic Beach.

    The estuary is where our small creek meets Bear Cut and the Atlantic Ocean. Bear Cut is the space of ocean between Key Biscayne and Virginia Key. Needle Fish and Mangrove Snapper have been spotted here, as the area is high in nutrients. Many fish like the Mangrove Snapper spend their youth in between the roots of the mangroves. Then, as they mature, they leave to spend the rest of their lives in the open sea. Other animals found here include the Brown Pelican, the Osprey and the Golden Orb Silk Weaver Spider. Historic Virginia Key Beach Park prides itself on keeping the beach natural. Therefore the seaweed and the dune foliage still remain. This is the most peaceful part of our serene shoreline. It is a popular place for photo shoots, with required permits. Most importantly, Virginia Key Beach represents a critical place in African American life in Miami and is a place of solace for all.