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    The renowned Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen at 200 NW 54th Street is owned by Wilkinson “Ken” who goes by the name Chef Creole. Originally founded by Sejour and the late Jude Pierre, this famous Haitian chain includes five restaurants in the metropolitan Miami area. The Seasoned Kitchen showcases not only Haitian Creole seafood, but also a selection of Bahamian dishes. Ken Sejour’s cooking has been featured on both the Food Network and the Cooking Channel and his restaurants have appeared on several “Best of” lists. Chef Creole is a popular destination among locals that has garnered international attention from celebrity visitors. For over two decades this homegrown success has been a symbol of pride for the Haitian community. Ken Sejour has been honored, not only as one of the best chefs in the nation, but also for the role his restaurant plays in community service. Chef Creole has brought national and international attention to the Miami culinary scene. Sejour and other Miami entrepreneurs provide a positive image of the Little Haiti area and of Haitian Miamians in general.